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Library Policies & Procedures

Circulation Policies
Students are able to check out the following number of materials, based on grade level:

K4 and Kindergarten - 1 book

First, Second and Third - 2 books

Fourth and Fifth Grade - 3 books

Books are kept for a one week circulation period. Any students wishing to keep a book longer may renew their book at least once if there are no requests for the book.

Students are encouraged to check out books that are interesting to them and that they can read!

Book Care

Students are responsible for the materials checked out to them until they are checked back in at the library.

1. Keep books in a safe, dry place away from pets and small children.

2. Avoid eating while reading your books.

3.Turn pages carefully to avoid tearing.

4. Always use a book mark or paper to mark your place.

5. If a book is damaged, return it to the library for mending.

Lost and Overdue Books
No late fines are charged for overdue materials.

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